Kevin "Horikema" Marr
Owner / Artist


Kevin "Horikema" Marr was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and owned Godspeed Tattoo in San Mateo for 18 years, before embarking on a new journey. In 2016, with the desire to create a new environment, Kevin opened Resolution Studio in San Francisco, Ca.

He began his career with a tough, old fashioned apprenticeship, which ended quickly when his mentor decided to move, and sell the business to Kevin. His dedication and love for Japanese style tattooing eventually led him to Japan, where he made numerous trips to have his own bodysuit completed by world renown tattooers, further proving his devotion to this craft. Through this process, he became friends with Master Horiyoshi III, who has been a great source of knowledge, work ethic, creative inspiration, and eventually gave Kevin the Japanese name "Horikema". Receiving this title is a huge honor, and has only further solidified his commitment to Japanese Tattooing.

His knowledge of Japanese tattooing has allowed him to create his own style, maintaining the traditional elements and timeless images, with a modern artistic approach. He feels that the tattoo must be beautiful, flow with the body, and look like its part of the person, almost coming from within them, not just a sticker on top of the skin. It should also somehow represent positive future aspirations, to always give the person something to strive for or look up to throughout life.

He also works several times a year at Kings Avenue Tattoo in NYC,  and conventions worldwide.